Arc Flash

Electric Arc Flash Protection

The material used in FR clothing must be non-conductive and not easily melted or ignited. This typically includes flame-resistant materials. These fabrics are chemically treated to be slow-burning and self-extinguishing. Arc flash clothing is a special kind of safety workwear that protects the user from the threat of flash fires, including spontaneous combustions, which can occur when hazardous gasses are present. Arc flash clothing is designed to resist ignition and prevent burning or melting when exposed to an arc’s intense heat.

  • Category 1: Minimum Arc Rating of 4 cal/cm2. It involves a single layer of arc flash clothing.
  • Category 2: Minimum Arc Rating of 8 cal/cm2. It feels about the same as Category 1 with more protection, so many companies usually opt for Category 2.
  • Category 3: Minimum Arc Rating of 25 cal/cm2. It is usually worn by firefighters and includes an arc-rated flash hood, insulating gloves, and additional PPE.
  • Category 4: Minimum Arc Rating of 40 cal/cm2

ARC Flash Defined

When an electric current passes through air between ungrounded conductors and grounded conductors, the temperatures can reach 35,000°F. Exposure to these extreme temperatures both burns the skin directly and causes ignition of clothing, which adds to the burn injury. The majority of hospital admissions due to electrical accidents are from the arc-flash burns, not from shock. Each year more than 2,000 people are admitted to burn centres with severe arc-flash burns. Arc flash can and will kill at distances of 10 ft.

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