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  • “When it was time for me to step into the unknown and drop inside the mysterious Darvaza flaming crater in Turkmenistan, I chose International Sew-Right to provide me with my personal heat protection.  The suit they built was exactly what I needed to protect me from the intense heat inside the pit.”

    George Kourounis - National Gerographics
  • Lyse Moreau and her staff are experts at manufacturing clothing products to suit industry and producing those goods perfectly on time, every time. To them, this is not a sideline but a full time business which they should be far better known than they are. I do not hesitate to recommend them and their products to you, having been in the business for over forty years.

    Rick Hansen - Safetyscope Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Answer: It really depends on how big the order is. We aim here to have projects done within a weeks time. This does not include shipping time.

Answer: 6190 Don Murie Street, Niagara Falls Ontario L2G 0B4, Canada

Answer: I'll work with these three for the moment and get an accordian working soon

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